Android 2.1 update for AT&T’s Motorola Backflip begins

In a world that anxiously awaits the release of Android Gingerbread (possibly numbered 2.3), it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are phones out there that aren’t even on 2.1. Such is the case of AT&T’s Motorola Backflip, a device sporting a strange (some would say innovative) form factor and that has been waiting for an update to Android 2.1 for a long time.

That wait is now over for 1000 Backflip owners who volunteered to get the update early via Motorola’s support forums. But fret not if you weren’t among them, as “all markets” should supposedly expect the update to become available on November 9.

The update isn’t of the over the air variety, so you’ll need an old fashioned computer to get it. And be aware that it looks like the first time you power your Backflip on after the update it may take as long as 10 minutes to boot. The update brings the software version up to 3.0.1390.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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