Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S finally starts rolling out in the UK

The story of the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for the Samsung Galaxy S is, well, quite a story. Samsung’s flagship Android device launched with Android 2.1 on board, and immediately everyone started wondering when an update to the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system would become available.

In the UK, the first promised date was “by the end of September“. When that passed with no update in sight, it got pushed back to October. And then, you guessed it, November. Which is where we are now. In the mean time, the Froyo update has started going out in Northern Europe, but not in the UK.

Until today. For ladies and gentlemen, the roll-out has started, as announced by Samsung Mobile UK on their Twitter account. And they promise that by the end of November, every Galaxy S bought in the UK will have an update ready for it. You must, however, have the latest version of Kies, Samsung’s PC software, installed, apparently, so it looks like this update will not come over the air as those that generally get pushed by the likes of HTC or Motorola.

Still, Froyo is finally here for the Galaxy S. Only small problem is, Gingerbread looks like it will be out in no time. And then the waiting starts all over again, for Galaxy S owners at least.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • M Monk

    My kies has been updated but the firmware updater still says my phone firmware is up to date. im still on 2.1!!!!!!

  • Raheel197

    THEY LIED AGAIN…. they said it starts ‘rolling out’ today but ive downloaded KIES and it tells me there is NO update.

    Forget about gingerbread, samsung can you atleast give us FROYO!!!!

  • Em

    You do know the meaning of rolling out, don’t you? It would have been a lie had they said it was out for all users.

  • Raheel197

    Erm, yeah it means that they release the update gradually one country/region at a time….. Right? so if it has ‘rolled out’ in the uk after this painstaking wait, where is it?

  • Loc N

    I think u need lastest Kies version.

  • pusit

    Patience is a great virtue……….

  • Raheel197

    I already have the latest version of KIES, when i connect my phone and click on the update button, it says there is no update available….