AT&T’s Windows Phone 7 handsets not available for pre-order

Both AT&T and T-Mobile will launch Windows Phone 7 devices on November 8 in the US – we already know that.

However, in case you want to pre-order the upcoming handsets, you can only pre-order T-Mobile’s HTC HD7.

For some reason, AT&T doesn’t take pre-orders. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean there will be stock shortages or anything like that. According to PhoneScoop, AT&T’s WP7 smartphones will be available starting November 8 both online, and in stores, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note that only the Samsung Focus (pictured above) and the HTC 7 Surround will be out on November 8. The LG Quantum (with QWERTY keyboard) will be introduced by AT&T sometime later.

All three handsets will cost $199.99 on contract.

Author: Florin

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