Froyo update for HTC Legend will arrive “in the coming weeks”

Unlike the HTC Desire, the HTC Legend has been stuck on Android 2.1 for the past few months. Furthermore, HTC didn’t even publicize plans about updating it to Froyo save for once mentioning that all their Android smartphones released in 2010 will eventually get updated.

This has, understandably, left quite a few Legend owners frustrated. And their frustration has been voiced countless times online. And now it finally looks like HTC was listening. Or so they say.

In an update published on Facebook, HTC announced that the Froyo update for the Legend will be available for unlocked/unbranded devices “in the coming weeks”. Also mentioned was that carrier-specific versions of the phone will get the update later than those sold SIM free and unlocked. This is what usually happens, but it must be painful to hear (to owners of operator-branded devices) each time.

Sadly, other than “in the coming weeks”, no details were given. And that can be interpreted in many ways. Though HTC are probably just trying to avoid setting hard dates at this point so they don’t disappoint if they miss them – in other words, they may not want to have a Samsung Galaxy S situation on their hands.

Either way, the good news is that a Froyo update for the HTC Legend exists and will be out eventually.

Via AndroidCentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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