Google Instant for iPhone and Android launched (beta)

Google Instant, a search feature that’s available on desktop browsers since September, has been launched for mobile phones, too, in a beta version. Not all mobile phones, of course: it’s currently available only on Android 2.2 and iPhones with IOS 4 (only in the US, in English).

In case you don’t know yet (although you’ve probably noticed the feature by now), Google Instant allows users to search and find what they need faster, as it displays search results as they type.

Google recommends using Google Instant on your phone when a 3G or Wi-Fi network is available.

The Google Instant mobile feature can be enabled on your handset by hitting the Turn On link in any browser (of course, you have to access Google’s home page first). To disable the feature, just hit the Turn Off link.

Here’s a video showing Google Instant mobile in action:

Via the Google Mobile Blog

Author: Florin

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