Samsung Galaxy Tab: 1 million to be sold this year, comes to Bell Nov.12, Wi-Fi-only version delayed

Samsung expects to ship 1 million units of the Galaxy Tab by the end of this year. That’s not on par with the iPad’s performance, that sold that many units in one month, but it’s not bad either. Samsung has said that the sales of the Galaxy Tab are, up until now, in line with expectations.

To help achieve that one million goal, the Tab needs to become available in more and more markets across the world. And while previously we have heard that Rogers will be the carrier selling it in Canada, it now looks like Bell wants in on some Tab action too.

A leaked internal document details Bell’s plans to launch the Galaxy Tab on November 12. It will start to be loaded up onto Bell inventory lists today. There are, as of yet, no details about possible pre-orders or reservations, but if those will happen, we’ll surely find out soon enough.

The Wi-Fi-only version of the Galaxy Tab that was supposed to hit Best Buy before the holidays has apparently been delayed, according to another leak. It is now on track to arrive after the holiday season, which for all intents and purposes means in 2011. The Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab will be sold by Best Buy for only $499.

Via Electronista, BGR and Android-Life

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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