Only 40K Windows Phone 7 handsets sold in the US in the first day?

Windows Phone 7 debuted in the US this Monday (October 8 ) via two major mobile carriers: AT&T and T-Mobile.

AT&T currently sells the Samsung Fascinate and the HTC 7 Surround, while T-Mobile only sells the HTC HD7 (each of the handsets cost $199 on contract).

I can’t know how many WP7 devices Microsoft had hoped to sell in the first day of availability in the US, but it’s probably not just 40,000 – according to The Street and an unnamed “market research source who tracks phone sales”, this is the number of units sold on Monday.

Microsft, AT&T and T-Mobile have not commented on sales numbers, although an AT&T spokeswoman said that the new mobile OS is “already receiving strong interest from customers right out of the gate.”

There’s no word yet on how many WP7 handsets have been sold in Europe, Asia and Australia – where various WP7 handsets are available as of October 21. That’s why we can’t compare WP7 sales with iPhone and Android sales (about 200,000 units daily) yet.

Sure enough, it’s still early to say WP7 is successful or unsuccessful, especially since not all models announced have hit the market. We’ll see what happens after Q4 ends.

Author: Florin

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  • Stacy

    Please do a little math, Android is not selling 73 MILLION phones per year (based on your 200k/daily stat). I’m not sure where this stat originated but it seems everyone is copying it without checking facts.

  • WinMo Victim

    Those 40k phones went to all the Microsoft employees who each received one, courtesy of their employer.

  • Florin

    It’s not my stat. And, actually, there may be more than 73 million Android devices sold this year. Erich Schmidt himself said there were 200,000 Android units activated a day (mostly phones) back in August: