Dell Opus One dual-core Android tablet in the making?

While Dell is busy launching the Streak around the world, the company is also working on new Android tablets.

We’ve already heard about a 7-inch tablet that may be out before the year’s end. Now a new rumored has surfaced, claiming that Dell talked about an upcoming Opus One 5-inch tablet during a private presentation.

According to StreakSmart, the new tablet will be based on a dual core 1.2GHz processor, while its 5 inch display will have a resolution higher than the one of the Streak’s display (possibly 1280 x 800 pixels).

The Dell Opus One may be released in May 2011. As for the Streak (seen in the image above – because the Opus One hasn’t been pictured yet), it’s said that it could be released in more colors this month, with Froyo on board.


Author: Florin

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