Palm Pre 2 gets priced in the UK, won’t be sold by any operator

As we’ve heard before, the Palm Pre 2 is about to be launched in the UK. HP’s first WebOs 2.0-powered smartphone won’t, however, be offered by any UK operator, at least at first. Orange, Vodafone and O2 have all told Pocket-lint that they have no plans for offering the Pre 2 – which is especially surprising of O2, who was the exclusive operator to sell the original Pre in the UK. No word yet from Three, but it probably won’t go through the pain of subsidizing this handset either.

This isn’t very shocking, since when the Pre 2 was officially announced, the only two carriers mentioned were SFR in France and Verizon in the US. But it definitely looks like the Pre 2 won’t be on many carriers internationally.

Which leaves those who want to get a Pre 2 in the UK with only one option: buy it SIM free. The announced price for an unlocked, SIM free Palm Pre 2 is £399. The smartphone will be available starting Monday, November 15.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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