Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100 seemingly confirmed by Eldar Murtazin

There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 is one of the most successful Android smartphones of this year, being sold in more than 7 million units worldwide (3 million units only in the US).

This being said, no one should be surprised if Samsung plans to launch a successor to the Galaxy S.

According to Mobile-review’s Eldar Murtazin, a successor already exists and it’s called Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100.

Eldar compares the Galaxy S 2 with the Sony Ericsson Anzu X12 (which is also unannounced), saying that the Samsung smartphone is “not as slim as the” X12, but it’s “so technically advanced”.

Apparently, the Galaxy S 2 features a dual core processor (the Samsung Orion, maybe?).

(T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s current Galaxy S models)

The new Galaxy could be the Samsung Gingerbread smartphone leaked last week, although, of course, we can’t be certain of anything at the moment.

Eldar doesn’t say when the Galaxy S 2 will be announced, but I guess Samsung will want to officially unveil it sometime in early 2011.

Author: Florin

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