Unboxing the Moto Droid Pro on Verizon

There’s a lot of buzz circling the upcoming release of the Motorola Droid Pro, the latest in the Droid series for Verizon Wireless. Currently available for pre-order, the Droid Pro will officially be hitting store shelves on November 18. Today it’s our pleasure to unbox the Droid Pro and find out what’s inside and what the phone is all about.

While this is not a full review — that will be forthcoming — I still give some first impressions of the device itself and hope it will give you a good idea of what to expect come the 18th. The Droid Pro will be available for $179.99 with new contract on Verizon, and will be a solid business-oriented Android device that can be used internationally.

In checking out the Pro I discovered that it’s just the right size in my hand, without becoming too uncomfortably big or awkwardly tiny. The keyboard, with its raised 3D-style buttons,  is eerily reminiscient of the Blackberry Bold and Style and performed well enough in my initial typing tests. As a note, I do have small fingers so it may not be as easy to type on for some. The Droid Pro runs on Android 2.2 Froyo, on a user interface much like the Droid X, so it will have Adobe Flash available out of the box. It only took 45 seconds to boot up, and after the initial boot-up sequence I found that it didn’t lag at all.

Please check out the video below that shows off the Moto Droid Pro on Verizon in all its boxed-up glory!

Author: Brad Molen

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