Samsung to make more Windows Phone 7 handsets than Android ones next year?

Since Samsung has decided to stop supporting Symbian, it currently concentrates its mobile efforts on three platforms: Android, Windows Phone 7, and Bada OS.

And although the company has more Android and Bada smartphones than WP7 ones at the moment, things may not stay like this for long.

AsiaOneNews recently talked to Sitthichoke Nopchinabutr, head of mobile marketing at Samsung Thailand, who declared:

“We are prepared to hold on to No 2 ranking in the smart-phone market. We will be more aggressive, for sure.”

Reportedly, the Samsung official also said that, next year, “for every 50 smart phones using Windows”, the company “will make 24 using Android and five using Bada.”

Which would mean Windows Phone 7 will become the platform of choice for Samsung. However, I find it rather hard to believe this will indeed happen. Android is growing like no other mobile platform has grown before, and Samsung is already among the world’s most successful Android vendors (that’s why Google wanted it to make the Nexus S). Moreover, Windows Phone 7 sales don’t seem to live up to the expectations.

It would make more sense for Samsung to manufacture more Bada smartphones than WP7 and Android ones.

Of course, anything could happen in the end, so let’s wait and see what 2011 brings.

Via WP Central

Author: Florin

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  • Sean

    “Windows Phone 7 sales don’t seem to live up to the expectations” is what the media say which is not necessarily the truth. In Q3 21M smart phone sold in the US. If you spread it evenly, its 223 a day. Reports say, 40K WP7 sold on launch day, which accounts for 18% market share in US for the day. Well, this is overly simplified, I know, and figures usually down after launch day. In any case, 40K for a low key Monday launch, that’s an impressive number. look at the reality, WP7 popularity only grow over time.

  • Rocky_Mountainview

    I completely agree with Sean, I guess the media is US is predominantly US centric, thanks to local journalists who has never seen world outside US. truth is Android is not big outside US, In Asia NOkia still owns more than 50% market share, In Europe Windows phone still owns more than 30% market share. Remeber Xbox , how Microsoft failed only to become revolutionary with Kinect!, they are here for long haul, and truly most of you are missing one point!, The strength of WP& is not competing with android and Apple, It is really with Blckberry as outlook integration phenomenal in WP7, while whole world is barking at consumer, MIcrosoft will first eat enterprise and then you know how they move………..

  • milo

    “Android is growing like no other mobile platform has grown before” —- ask yourself how much did Android sell the first month of its introduction and compare that to Windows Phone 7! you’ll be surprised how well WP7 is doing for an OS that launched 17 days ago! FYI Android is 2 years old now, and iOS is 3 years old. Don’t compare their sales to a 17-day OS! — BE LOGICAL!

  • Zip

    Crazy article. Of course Samgsung don’t expect to sell more WP7s!

  • Sealblaighter

    Well, in my opinion Samsung should make MORE Bada phones.