Unboxing of the Samsung Focus on AT&T

Windows Phone 7 is now readily available in the United States, and after a hit-and-miss first day of sales it does seem to be picking up speed. On November 8 we saw the release of three different WP7 devices; 2 on AT&T and one on T-Mobile (a third on AT&T, the LG Quantum, came out a few days later). Our friends at Samsung sent us a demo unit of one of AT&T’s first WP7 devices, the Samsung Focus, and we captured our first beautiful moments with the device on film.

Here, without further adieu, we have the unboxing video of the Samsung Focus with AT&T. Full review to come later, but at least let’s see what goodies the box has to offer as well as get our first overall impressions of the device. Spoiler: it’s pleasantly surprising.

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Dinkydonky

    no one cares what the box looks like idiot

  • Vazrikab

    like this very much, how about going in detail for applications like how to connect a bluetooth hands free and using it for dialing or speech?

  • Debbie Collins

    This guy is an idiot. I’m 2 minutes into the unboxing and he’s still talking about the box! Open the darn thing and show us what’s inside!!! Who cares about the cardboard packaging?

  • Debbie Collins

    Now we’re 5 minutes into the unboxing, we’ve seen the Health and Safety Manual, the advertising inserts, the couple of accessories included in the box, and he’s finally taking the plasic wrapper off the phone….geez man, show us the phone!!

    At 6 minutes, he’s taken the back off the phone…let’s see if he gets the battery installed before we’re 1/2 way thru the video??

  • Debbie Collins

    8 minutes into the video….and we’re finally booting up the phone!!

  • Debbie Collins

    Well, that was a total waste of 13 1/2 minutes of my life! Showing the accessories included in the box was important, showing that the phone takes a SIM and has MicroSD support was important, showing how quickly it boots and you can get started was important. And, showing the snappy response of the Win 7 interface and the support of pinch-n-zoom was of high interest. Bu,t Brad…you could have done all that in about 3 or 4 minutes.