Some Nokia N8 handsets have power issues

Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Nokia’s Markets units, recently acknowledged that some N8 smartphones have power problems which result in the handsets switching themselves off.

Nokia didn’t disclose the exact number of faulty N8s, but it’s said that only “a limited number” of users have reported the problem.

According to a Nokia spokesperson quoted by Reuters, “the fault was due to a problem in production, which has since been fixed.” Of course, some faulty handsets may still be out there, shipped before Nokia had the time to correct the problem. If you’re unlucky enough to get one of those, Nokia will probably replace it with a new unit.

This is not the first time a Nokia smartphone has hardware issues – the N900 and the N86 8MP also had some problems.

Available around the world as of last month, the N8 is Nokia’s flagship multimedia smartphone and has reportedly received the highest number of pre-orders in the company’s history.

Author: Florin

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