Sony Ericsson PSP phone to be launched on December 9?

If there’s one myth that the mobile industry blogs and news publications have started to talk about in 2007, and have yet to stop, it’s got to be the Sony Ericsson PSP/PlayStation phone. After a period of no news on this front, back in August, the rumor mill started spinning again. Then, in October, some rather strange-looking images showed up, that were or were not depicting this mythical beast.

And today yet another rumor comes about the PSP phone. This time it’s from France, where an interesting invitation has appeared. Here it is:

Now those buttons are the famous PlayStation buttons plus… a phone icon. So you see why we immediately thought ‘PlayStation phone!’ when we saw it. The invite text says this in French:

“Pierre Perron and his team invite you to the most anticipated presentation of the past 10 years… Thursday, December 9th, at 8pm”

Pierre Perron is Sony Ericsson’s boss in France. This certainly looks legit, but we’ll nevertheless have to wait until December 9 to find out what this is about.

Though I have to say, it looks like it may be coming to life. The mythical PlayStation phone may be real and coming sooner than anyone expected it to.

Or this could be something completely different. Stay tuned.

Via Nowhereelse, MobileCrunch and DroidDog

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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