Almost 3,000 Windows Phone 7 apps available now, 15,000 WP7 devs registered

If you’ve bought a Windows Phone 7 handset and you’re hoping to have access to lots of applications, well, tough luck.

According to the official Windows Phone Developer Blog, there are more than 15,000 Windows Phone 7 developers registered at the moment. Unfortunately, the number of available apps is lower: Microsoft expects to have about 3,000 WP7 applications by the end of this week.

Yes, that’s a rather measly number, but let’s not forget that Windows Phone 7 has been launched on October 18 in Europe and Asia, and on November 8 in North America, so it’s a really young platform.

All in all, Microsoft has a lot of work to do before even thinking of having a number of apps comparable to the ones available in Apple’s App Store, or in Google’s Android Marketplace. But you’ve got to start from somewhere, right?

Via WinRumors

Author: Florin

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  • Drakar

    How many phones has Microsoft sold? That’s the one we really want to know. Microsoft won’t tell us that.

  • This

    We really need a new metric. Instead of number of apps we should focus on the number of good apps. My guess is that number will be very close quite soon.