Survey: smartphones and Twitter are the hottest products in Japan this year

According to a recent survey conducted by Dentsu in Japan, smartphones and Twitter are 2010’s two hottest products among Japanese consumers.

That’s not really surprising, considering the rise of Android, the iPhone’s popularity in Japan, and the fact that, if you own a smartphone, you’re most likely also a Twitter user.

What’s surprising is that munchable chili oil was voted the third hottest product in Japan this year. Oh well, Japan’s always been a weird place.

Tablets – like Apple’s iPad – are only on the 19th position.

Dentsu has conducted the survey this month on the Internet on 1,000 randomly selected subjects (men and women nationwide aged between 20 and 69).

(Samsung Galaxy S, launched in Japan last month with Android 2.2 Froyo on board)

In case you’re interested, here’s the complete top 20 list of hot “products” in Japan this year (the numbers in parentheses represent last year’s position):

  1. Smartphones (34)
  2. Twitter (104)
  3. Munchable chili oil (-)
  4. Digital broadcasting-equipped widescreen flat-panel TVs (7)
  5. Ryoma Sakamoto – “popular historical figure and visionary who played a key role in bringing about the Meiji Restoration. The Legend of Ryoma TV drama series has also become a hit (101)
  6. International flight services at Haneda Airport (-)
  7. Tokyo Sky Tree – new broadcasting tower scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2012 (-)
  8. Eco-point energy-saving home appliances (5)
  9. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa – Japan’s national football team placed 9th
  10. LED light bulbs (15)
  11. B-grade local gourmet food – “term used for inexpensive local food eaten in a casual setting; A-grade refers to expensive gourmet food eaten in a formal setting” (-)
  12. Akira Ikegami – journalist and commentator (-)
  13. Domestic fast fashion brands, aka low-priced domestic fashions (3)
  14. GeGeGe’s Wife – “TV drama based on the 2008 autobiography by Nunoe Mura, the wife of manga artist Shigeru Mizuki, known for his manga character GeGeGe no Kitaro, a ghost boy who saves the world from evil spirit monsters” (-)
  15. 3D movies, TV, cameras and other 3D products (60)
  16. Hybrid vehicles (1)
  17. Imported fast fashion brands (64)
  18. AKB48 – “48-member all-girl theater/idol group with its own theater in Akihabara, Tokyo” (-)
  19. Tablet information devices (-)
  20. Yoichi Watanabe – “war photographer and popular talk-show guest” (-)

Via Dentsu (PDF file)

Author: Florin

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    Japan isn’t a a major power anymore like it was 20 years ago. Move over, it’s the BRIC countries + Turkey which are becoming more relevant now.