Vodafone UK now has the HTC Desire Z and Nokia C7

Vodafone UK has just added two interesting smartphones to its phone lineup. These are the HTC Desire Z and the Nokia C7.

The HTC Desire Z is one of the (only) two high-end Android smartphones (in Europe) that can be had right now to sport a full, side-sliding, physical QWERTY keyboard (the other being the Motorola Milestone 2). Vodafone will give it to you for free if you sign up for a £35/month two-year contract. This is the exact same pricing that the HTC Desire HD has received on Vodafone.

You can also get the Desire Z for just £25/month, in which case you’ll also have to pay a rather hefty £199 upfront.

The Nokia C7 is basically an N8 with a lower-spec camera and sans the HDMI-out port, in a more pocketable form factor that may appeal to some who enjoy a classic phone shape. Vodafone will give one to you for free if you agree to part with £25 per month, each month for the next two years.

You can also get the Nokia C7 for only £20 per month if you’d rather also pay £100 upfront.

Via TechRadar

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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