HTC Gratia delayed (update: no, not really)

Last month, when HTC announced the Gratia, it said the smartphone would be available across major European markets starting November this year.

Well, November’s pretty much gone, and you can’t buy the Gratia at the moment, regardless of where you are.

I’ve contacted HTC by e-mail, asking about the handset’s availability across Europe, and this is what they’ve answered:

“In regards to the HTC Gratia,

Yes this device is due to be released in the United Kingdom soon. We do not have exact dates as yet, this is to be confirmed.”

In other words, the Gratia is delayed.

Update:  the Gratia is available via some retailers in Sweden (online here) and Italy (online here) after all. It’s kind of expensive, though: €399 in Italy and about €376 in Sweden.

So, the bottom line is that the Gratia is not delayed. It’s available only in some European markets, while others (like the UK) will get it in early 2011.

Author: Florin

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  • Johan

    As I commented on the Phandroid re-post of this article, the HTC Gratia is widely available here in Sweden, and as other commenters have stated, it’s also available in other European countries. Seems more like it’s the UK and perhaps other major regions that are lacking it. There is however no 2.2 issues; the HTC Gratia in Forest Green with A2.2 is available either with rebate on contract or SIM free, whichever you prefer, in Sweden since last week. The phone has already been delivered to the first customers (pre-orders and early adopters), as they have posted reviews and comments on various forums and sites.

  • Florin

    Thanks for the notice. It is indeed available in Sweden and Italy, but the UK launch date is still not known. The email I’ve quoted in the article comes straight from HTC.

  • Marty_McFly

    Looking forward to seeing this in the UK soon

  • Zoli

    Still waiting for it in Belgium as well

  • HTC Gratia

    No release news for the other countries, like the Netherlands?