LG’s latest Android Froyo phone, LU3000, seems faster than Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4 (video)

LG has a brand new Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone that wasn’t properly announced: it’s the LG LU3000, a handset made for the South Korean market.

The smartphone can be considered a higher-end Optimus Chic E720. It features a 3.8 inch IPS display with 800 x 480 pixels, HDMI out, 5MP camera with flash, full HD (1080p) video recording, and a TI OMAP 3630 processor clocked at 1GHz.

What’s interesting about the LG LU3000 is that it seems faster than both the Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone 4 (which also have 1GHz processors).

See the LU3000 in the videos below, loading the YouTube app and some webpages quicker than Samsung’s and Apple’s handsets:

LG may want to launch the LU3000 in Europe and North America, too. If this happens, the smartphone will surely be given a new name, possibly one that includes the word Optimus.

Via Akihabara News

Author: Florin

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  • Aaa

    It looks like shit, and LG will forever be shit, when making phones…