Samsung R700 hits the FCC, it’s an unassuming CDMA touch phone

A new phone has hit the FCC, the as of yet unannounced Samsung R700. This is a dual-band CDMA device that supports EVDO 3G.

Gathering from the pictures released by the FCC, the Samsung R700 has a touchscreen, a camera, a headset jack and dedicated camera and lock keys.

It’s really unlikely that this is an Android-powered smartphone, since its buttons aren’t those required by Google’s mobile OS. As such, the R700 may just be a featurephone intended to get touchscreens into the hands of the (non-smartphone-touting) masses.

Based on a lack of AWS support, Phonescoop speculates that the Samsung R700 is probably headed to US Cellular. We’ll surely find out soon enough if that was the case.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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