Acer Windows Phone 7 handsets in the making

Earlier this year, when Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 7, it unveiled a list of hardware partners that didn’t include Acer.

However, the Taiwanese company is currently working on at least one Windows Phone 7 device.

Talking to All Things Digital, Acer’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci said the following:

“Smartphones – we want them to become big. Today we are mainly Android, but we are also working on Windows Phone 7.”

Unfortunately, Acer’s CEO didn’t provide more details, but I assume the first Acer WP7 handset will be launched sometime next year – when that unnamed 4.8 inch Android flagship phone will also be introduced.

Acer’s latest smartpohnes released in collaboration with Microsoft were based on Windows Mobile 6.5.3 (the neoTouch P400 pictured below is one of them).

Gianfranco Lanci also talked about Acer’s tablet-related plans. We’ve already seen one of the company’s first tablets, and it looks like this will run Android Honeycomb, because Acer isn’t convinced Android Gingerbread “is the right solution” for a tablet – not to mention Android Froyo. April 2011 is the month when Acer expects to launch its Android tablets, so lets wait and see what they’ll bring.

Via Mobile Crunch

Author: Florin

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