At least 135,000 Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold so far

Although it’s been available for about a month, we still have no official sales numbers for Windows Phone 7 – or more specifically, the sales numbers for the devices that it runs on.

The closest we ever got was a market research source saying that during the first day of sales in the US, 40,000 WP7 devices were sold. Still, even after that, Microsoft hasn’t said anything official, and neither have the various WP7 phone manufacturers.

However, it is possible to glimpse at a minimum number of WP7 devices sold so far, by analyzing the number of users that the integrated Facebook app has. Of course, we can’t assume that anyone who bought a WP7 device has connected it to his or her Facebook account, which is why we can only refer to a minimum number.

Right now, that number is 135,134. So, to translate, it’s safe to say that at this point there are at least 135,134 WP7 devices out in the wild. Not an impressive number by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s still early days for Microsoft’s newest mobile platform effort. The upcoming holiday shopping season will clearly impact these numbers in a positive way, so let’s not pass any judgement just yet.

Or who knows, perhaps the majority of WP7 users aren’t Facebook users. We’ll probably find out soon enough what the case is, when Microsoft decides to advertise some official numbers.

Via WMPoweruser

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Di

    Microsoft bought 90,000 phones for its employees. Dell bought 30,000 for its employees. That means the public bought about 10,000 units, less than the Kin.

  • Jones

    I know at least about 5 people using windows phone and none of them downloaded the FB applications.

  • SinoraWindel

    I am pretty sure Microsoft is going to come with a big number when they finally announce. I work for a leading network operator and by the trends I see the sales numbers are going to give sleepless nights to competitors. It seems this is going to be the golden duck for Microsoft, may we it will be difficult to call Microsoft a desktop software company anymore. Mark my words !


    You don’t need to download it, it’s built into the OS. What they’re talking about is the contacts downloading function (and integrated status update stuff) that is built in. I know a lot of people don’t want their facebook stuff in their contacts, so turn that function off.