Nokia X2-01 coming to North America?

Nokia X2-01, the newest S40 phone to feature a full QWERTY keyboard, will probably be available in the US and Canada, too – apart from being launched in Europe and Asia (where almost all Nokia phones are usually launched).

According to the Bluetooth SIG, there are two versions of the handset: X2-01 (RM-709), and X2-01.1 (RM-717), the latter being made for North America, as you can see here.

The RM-717 has been already approved by the FCC – and since it’s a quad-band GSM/EDGE phone (no 3G), you don’t have to worry about network compatibility or anything like that.

Of course, the X2-01’s launch in North America is by no means confirmed. But seeing how Nokia introduced the C3 (another affordable S40 QWERTY phone) both in the US and Canada, the new X2 could be easily released there, too, right? And maybe T-Mobile will offer the X2-01 in the US, since AT&T is selling the C3.

Author: Florin

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