SRS announces WideSurround for smartphones, Verizon’s Samsung Continuum is the first to use it

SRS Labs has announced a new audio solution for smartphones that have built-in stereo speakers.

Called SRS WideSurround, the new technology comes to solve the fact that “smartphones are traditionally plagued with a limited sound stage, zero surround effects, as well as little channel separation or stereo output.”

According to SRS, its new solution provides “an expansive personal surround field so, no matter if a user is holding the device in their hand or propping it up on a table or desk, the overall audio experience is notably more compelling, truly immersive and remarkably more engaging than traditional stereo.”

Samsung Continuum Galaxy S (available now at Verizon for 199.99 on contract) is the world’s first smartphone to use SRS WideSurround. Other smartphones will follow soon – SRS didn’t say which ones exactly.

SRS’ audio technology is also used in handsets like the Samsung Jet S8000 and the HTC 7 Trophy – although, of course, it’s not the new WideSurround stuff.

Via Press release

Author: Florin

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