Clearwire intros Clear modem with Wi-Fi, might launch Samsung Notion Android slider

Clearwire – which, together with Sprint, is offering 4G WiMax services in the US – announced the availability of the Clear Modem with Wi-Fi.

As the name suggests, the new modem allows customers to bring wireless Clear 4G services to homes or offices.

You can buy the Clear Modem with Wi-Fi for $120, or you can lease it for $7 per month. Note that you need to subscribe to a monthly data service of at least $35. The modem is available now online (here), in Clear retails stores, and at authorized dealers.

In other Clearwire news, the company might launch an Android smartphone in February 2011. According to Wimax SATX (via PocketNow), Clear’s first Android handset could be the Samsung Notion – a slider with a full QWERTY keyboard, maybe somewhat similar to the Epic 4G that’s available at Sprint.  Speaking of which, Sprint’s Evo 4G might also be released on Clear sometime after the Notion.

Samsung has recently applied for a USPTO trademark for the name Notion (as you can see above), so the device does seem to exist. We’ll bring more info as we get it.

Author: Florin

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  • Zone wely

    You can not use a USB cable to connect an xbox 360 to a modem. Only a wireless Microsoft USB adapter, or an ethernet cable can connect an xbox 360 to a modemOnce connected you will need to reset the modem so it can acquire the mac address of the Xbox 360. Set the Xbox network settings to automatic and you should be all set.Another way would be to run an ethernet cord from the back of the router ( where you can plug in “wired” connections) and run it to the xbox itself, but, depending on how far the Xbox is, and how long/expensive the cable will be, then wireless might be a better choice.
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  • Pure Cleanse

    I went to the Samsung website and downloaded the DB05 upgrade tool, which included the Samsung MiTs USB drivers. I installed the driver portion, and got the phone to work via Active Sync 4.5 but when I set the phone up to use the modem the Verizon Access utility won’t see it as being connected. If I plug the modem into a Vista/7 computer I can use the modem and it works great.