Motorola Droid X clone comes “with Google” and Windows Mobile

Verizon’s Motorola Droid X is one of the hottest Android smartphones that you can get right now in the US, so it’s not at all a surprise that some Chinese company has made a clone of it.

Although the fake Droid X is a dual SIM handset, it looks pretty much like the original.

It even has Verizon’s logo on it, and it’s branded “with Google.” It doesn’t run Android, though, but Windows Mobile 6.5 – and yes, it’s quite weird to see a Google phone running WM.

Check out the photos and the video below:

In case you want to buy it, the Droid X wannabe is available at M8Cool for about $245 (while the real Droid X can be bought at Verizon for $199.99 on contract, or $569.99 off contract).

Via Micgadget, Engadget

Author: Florin

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