Unboxing the Samsung Continuum on Verizon

Just when I start thinking how impossible it would be to actually come up with a fresh design for an Android smartphone, I’m proven wrong. This time it was Samsung that thought outside the box (no pun intended, since this is an unboxing) and came up with something new to tweak its already massively successful Galaxy S lineup. That something new is the Samsung Continuum.

While the name of the phone always makes me think of Star Trek for some strange reason, Samsung did happen to come up with a rather clever concept: instead of just having one standard touchscreen, why not make two separate screens, one for regular use and the other as a type of ticker that constantly updates the news the user finds most important?

In this unboxing video I will show you how the ticker works. Also feel free to peruse the unboxing gallery below.

Author: Brad Molen

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