Sony Ericsson PSP Z1 phone with Android Gingerbread in new videos

We’ve already seen the Sony Ericsson PSP in a video, but that video’s really blurry, and the handset can’t be checked out properly.

Well, two new videos have showed up, this time allowing us to take a very good look at the PSP Z1.

The phone seems to be a bit on the thick side – the sliding gamepad is to blame for that. Nevertheless, it is a nicely-made device, and the best part is that it runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

This could be a prototype, so the final PSP phone may look a tad different. Anyway, the two videos are below.

There’s a PlayStation icon in the phone’s menu, which will, of course, provide direct access to games:

Sony Ericsson should officially announce the PSP phone on December 9, so the handset will likely be among the first ones to come with Android Gingerbread (alongside the Samsung Google Nexus S).

Via YouTube

Author: Florin

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