All LG mobile phones to utilize Eco-Magnesium by 2012

LG is no stranger to eco-friendly phones and, although it currently doesn’t have as many of them as Samsung, it is committed to making all its handsets more eco-friendly.

The company has announced that, by 2012, all Magnesium used in its phones will be replaced with a more environmentally-friendly alloy called Eco-Magnesium.

The new material (Eco-Magnesium) was developed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. Its main benefit is eliminating the emission of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), which is believed to be an incredibly damaging greenhouse gas.

LG says its decision will “reduce greenhouse gas emission by a factor of approximately 24,000 during the die casting process without affecting the quality of the final product.”

“This transition to Eco-Magnesium will allow LG and our customers to play a small but significant role in making the world cleaner for future generations” declared Dr. Skott Ahn, President and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics.

(LG’s Optimus Windows Phone 7 handset – this doesn’t utilize Eco-Magnesium, but its successors probably will)

Eco-Magnesium is being produced by three Korean companies (HK High-Tech Co., Hallacast Co. , Keumgang Coen) with whom LG has already signed an agreement on November 29. According to the agreement, the phone manufacturer will provide training in the market of carbon credit trading, while receiving help from the companies in reducing GHG (greenhouse gas) emission.

Via Press release

Author: Florin

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