Consumer Reports survey shows AT&T is the worst carrier in the US

Consumer Reports has conducted an online survey among 58,000 readers to rate the US carriers. According to the survey’s results, AT&T is not only the lowest-scoring carrier, but also the only one to drop significantly in overall satisfaction.

Over half of the respondents who have AT&T as their carrier are using iPhones, and they were the most dissatisfied with AT&T’s services, both for voice and data traffic. These people also rated their data services much lower than users of smartphones on other carriers.

This, of course, goes to show (and/or confirm yet again) that an iPhone on Verizon may mean good sales for Big Red and for Apple, as there potentially will be many people willing to switch carriers – which, in this case, means having to buy a new phone and sign a 2-year agreement.

US Cellular has beat Verizon to the top-rated provider for contract service crown. Sprint has caught up with Verizon in overall satisfaction, even outdoing it in some areas, which is a great accomplishment given that Verizon has claimed the top spot by itself almost every time in the past 7 years.

Via Consumer Reports

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Gina

    Worst, largely because faulty iCrap products are used on the AT&T network. Apple doesnt have engineer and this is increasingly causing havoc in the lives of uninformed consumers (and now Wireless Networks).

    Verizon (or anyone else) paying Apple for *anything* is a Bad Idea as you can bet the money will be used to set computing and electronics back to where they were before 1989.
    Interestingly I noticed that the company that is accusing everyone of being “spies” and “thieves” of technology that rightfully BELONGS to it is planting its former employees into companies like Google, Nokia and HTC…many of whom “forget” to mention Apple in their resumes. Oops!

    -This message was sent from my Android-