MetroPCS to launch 4G LTE Android phone in early 2011

MetroPCS already has a 4G LTE handset – the Samsung Craft QWERTY slider – but this is just a feature phone, not a smartphone.

So in case you’re wondering when will the regional carrier have a 4G smartphone, the answer seems to be: in early 2011.

According to Fierce Wireless, the new smartphone will run Android (most likely 2.3 Gingerbread) and it could be commercially available as soon as February. About six other LTE handsets should be launched by MetroPCS by mid 2011.

There’s no word on what company will make MetroPCS’ first Android handset, but it might be Samsung.

Roger Linquist, CEO of MetroPCS, expects LTE smartphones to be “priced very similar to 3G smartphones” – which means they should have prices from $200 to $400 – $500.

Yesterday, Verizon launched LTE services, too, becoming the second US mobile carrier to do so (after MetroPCS, of course). However, Verizon won’t have any LTE phones until next year.

Via PhoneScoop

Author: Florin

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  • Robbinsongrinn

    They can tell the IMEI number of any phone you use with your SIM Card. The first 6 digits tell them the model number and the rest identify the specific phone you are using. This makes it fairly simple for them to create a list of calls made from a specific type of phone.

  • Charles Matthews

    First LTE Android will be the Samsung Forte. Samsung made Metro’s first LTE phone, the “feature phone” Craft. Makes sense they will also supply the first LTE Android phone.

    A video of an unknown LTE Android was on Metro’s YouTube channel briefly, to demonstrate a mobile banking feature. But the phone was attracting more notice than the banking demonstration — so the video was abruptly pulled. Metro wants customers to buy phones in their inventory right now, not wait for some future phone that has not been officially announced yet. Insiders said it was an upcoming phone called the Samsung Forte.

  • Monsieur Africain

    That sounds awesome, I guess I’ll wait then. I hope that it is on par with the Evo 4G, myTouch 4G phones.