Here’s What Copy and Paste Will Be Like on Windows Phone 7

If you’re following the latest news in the Windows Phone 7 launch, chances are you have been told that copy and paste was not included in the original release but will be the main feature in a new update coming in early 2011, possibly as early as January. Up until yesterday, it was still a mystery as to how it would be implemented. Since this update is now being seeded to developers, a new video surfaced that shows the whole process.

And it does make complete sense in how you go about using the UI to perform a copy/paste function. Here are a few pics to show off the Metro UI with copy and paste, as well as the video, all courtesy PocketNow. Sadly we don’t see any other features highlighted that could come in this update, if there are even any other features that are in the works. But this is a start, and we imagine that now this video is out, it won’t be long before we see others that showcase other parts of the same update.

That is, if copy/paste isn’t the only thing coming in the new update. Here’s another shot showing off the copy function just in the same list as delete and forward. It just makes more sense that way, frankly.

via PocketNow

Author: Brad Molen

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