Upcoming iPhone launch impeding Verizon’s phone sales?

Apple’s iPhone is almost certainly going to be launched by Verizon in early 2011, possibly in January.

Until then, though, it seems that lots of Verizon customers are holding off on new phone purchases and contract upgrades – according to The Street, this is likely because they’re waiting for the iPhone to arrive.

“Upgrades at Verizon have been steadily declining in anticipation of the iPhone,” asserted mobile industry strategist Michael Cote.

According to previous rumors, the first Verizon iPhone is CDMA/EvDo-only, thus it won’t be a global phone, and neither a 4G/LTE one. I don’t think this will significantly affect sales anyway.

Verizon’s iPhone will probably be priced similarly to its other high-end smartphones (Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, Samsung Fascinate) – so it should cost about $200 on contract.

Author: Florin

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EWX5DWDLHYFWM6OG2P26OXB3Y4 The Teen

    How much will it be without a contract

  • http://www.unwiredview.com Florin

    I’d say around $500 – $600.

  • Nomar

    While the iPhone may be part of the reason behind customers holding off, it is not the only reason. Perhaps a more important reason is that many know that dual-core processor Android Smartphones, like Motorola’s Aetna, the HTC Incredible HD, HTC Merge and others are coming to Verizon in January and February. People ask around, and those who follow Android know that better phones are in the pipeline.

  • Pete Shaw

    A CDMA-only VZW iPhone doesn’t make sense to me. It would be only useful for about 2 years, when the LTE is rolling. I think Apple will make a CDMA-GSM iPhone for VZW. Of course, it would be instant death for the BB Storm2 and the 8830. VZW could run clear phone calls over the CDMA and data over the GSM. Why not?