HTC Legend Android 2.2 Froyo update rolling out to unlocked devices on December 9

A month ago, HTC finally said something about the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Legend – namely, that it would happen “in a few weeks”. And a couple of weeks ago, the first HTC Legend owners have started receiving said update. But that was only the case for Vodafone or Virgin Mobile customers in the UK, it seems, in a rare case of operator-branded versions of a smartphone getting an update before the generic, SIM-free and unlocked variants.

Tomorrow, however, all SIM-free, unlocked HTC Legend smartphones in Europe are bound to receive the update to Froyo, so it will be a happy day for Legend owners who have oft been forgotten by HTC, especially considering that the Legend was launched together with the Desire, which got Froyo many months ago.

Another HTC smartphone that hasn’t yet received its taste of Froyo, even though it was promised, is the HTC Wildfire. It will apparently receive the update “soon”, HTC reiterated. They have previously said that all devices released this year would get Froyo, so they do still have about three weeks left to make good on that promise.

Via TechRadar

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Dmakun

    The Froyo update is great news! I’m in South Africa and I’m receiving the update on my Legend right now. Is South Africa part of Europe?!!!!

  • Marknewell4