Confirmed: LG Gets Official, Says it Will Upgrade Optimus Series to Gingerbread

We now have some closure on the LG Optimus Gingerbread issue. First the Optimus lineup wasn’t going to get Gingerbread due to mysteriously unannounced hardware requirements made by Google, then it was plausible because there actually is no requirement (yet). Now, to close the chapter in this book, LG has issued another press release, this time saying that it’s a for sure thing:

The confusion in this particular release was the verbiage — “will upgrade all Optimus One smartphones”, but didn’t specify any of the others in the Optimus lineup — so I asked for clarification from LG, and was told that this will indeed apply to all phones in the Optimus series, not just the One.

So we can now sleep easier tonight, not needing to worry about the future of our Optimus phones. The biggest unknown at this point is how long it will take for the upgrade to get pushed out, but I have a feeling it won’t happen at least until the source code is made public, and even then it will likely take extra time for LG engineers to pore through the code and build the correct ROMs for them. But at least we know it’s a certainty as of today.

via LG Public Notices

Author: Brad Molen

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