GoldStriker’s iPhone 4 History Edition has a T-Rex tooth in it. Literally

When you buy yourself a luxury phone, you probably don’t expect / want it to contain any teeth, right? Well, this new luxury iPhone 4 has a tooth in it.

Called iPhone 4 History Edition, the phone is designed by GoldStriker’s Stuart Hughes – the same man who made that 8 million iPhone earlier this year.

The back of the handset is made out of polished meteoric stone (65 million years old) that reportedly includes the splintered tooth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, aka T-Rex. The Apple logo is made out of platinum, while the iPhone’s bezel is covered in diamonds.

There will be only 10 iPhone 4 History Edition handsets made. Each will cost about $62,700 (€47,480) and you’ll probably be able to buy them through GoldStriker’s website.

Via FoxNews

Author: Florin

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