Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 PlayStation Phone gets benchmarked on video

Ah, it’s the Sony Ericsson PlayStation/PSP Zeus/Z1 phone in the news again. This time, the side-sliding gamepad-enhanced Android smartphone stars in a video of a benchmark running on it. Qualcomm’s Neocore app is what’s running here, and the Z1 managed 24.4 fps on average.

To put that into perspective, the Samsung Google Nexus S managed 55.6 fps on the exact same benchmark. Now, chances are that the Z1 we see here isn’t running final software, and the hardware may still be subject to minor changes too (nothing major can happen if we accept that it will become available sometime in March – there’s just not enough time).

Still, it looks like the PlayStation phone will not be packing out-of-this-world hardware specs, judging by these results. Remember, the Nexus S has a processor that is about half a year old already, so by the time the Z1 becomes generally available, a phone featuring hardware almost one year old will beat it in benchmarks. Sad, really.

Since this will run Android and won’t have any PlayStation games special sauce inside, it looks like PlayStation, in this case, is just another brand on a phone. As was Walkman. Yes, it will have the gamepad controls. But it’s probably going to be up to individual game developers to make (any) use of those.

Anyway, here’s the video:

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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