Vodafone Google Nexus One gets Android 2.2.1 update

The Google Nexus One smartphones sold in Europe by Vodafone have started receiving a minor software update. This will take them to Android version 2.2.1, up from 2.2 previously. This update is mainly a bug fixing release, as its name implies.

If you haven’t already received it, your phone should prompt you that there’s an update available at some point in the next 24 hours. The update is, naturally, over-the-air – you can download and update straight from your phone.

Here’s the exact text of what Vodafone had to say about this:

Google is rolling out a maintenance release for Android (2.2.1) and Vodafone Nexus One customers will start to receive alerts that this update is available to download over the air during the next 24 hours. This update contains bug fixes and security patches for Android 2.2.

Please note – this update is not Android 2.3, which was announced yesterday by Google. We’re continuing to work closely with Google and handset manufacturers to bring the latest planned Android updates to customers as quickly as possible. We will provide more information when we can”

So there you have it. An update is about to hit the Nexus One, but it’s not Gingerbread yet. Be patient and enjoy what you have right now.

Via Eurodroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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