O2 UK will release the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Dell Streak this week

O2 UK has announced today via Twitter that the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Dell Streak smartphones/tablets that they have sold will become available sometime this week.

That’s great news for Dell Streak owners who have been stuck on Android 1.6 or Android 2.1. It’s also better news than those who bought their Streak from AT&T in the USA have recently received, as their Streaks will only get the update next year.

There are no more details as of now, but we’ll let you know when the update is ready to download. And anyway, the update should be of the over-the-air variety, which means that your Streak will prompt you that there’s an update available. So keep an eye on your tablet, even more so than before today.

Froyo, of course, will add a number of new features to the Streak, such as updating Market apps en masse, Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities (if O2 don’t block that), and Google Navigation for turn-by-turn directions.

Via MobileBurn Via PhoneArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Pop

    Really can’t stand this unbearable godforsaken sorry excuse for an OS called Android hogging up the headlines on unwiredview.com.


  • Rubinakauser1012

    then dont read the articles. i for one find it quite exciting. Dell Streak Rocks

  • Poop


  • http://twitter.com/markpaynephoto Mark J Payne

    You clearly don’t have an Android smartphone or a Dell Streak then Pop? Quite strange you would read this article and then take the time to pronounce it boring then.

    FYI, Dell streak owners on O2 have been waiting for many months for an official update away from the ancient 1.6 Android OS that shipped with (most) Streaks, and we’ve been through a frankly botched attempt at an update to 2.1 in the meantime. So while this may be “BOOOOORRRRRRIIIIINNNGGG! ” to a non Streak owner, it’s a headline because many people care.

    If you’re bored why don’t you go outside and play?