US Cellular: all phones free from December 17 to December 24

As far as holiday promos go, there probably isn’t anything better than “all phones free”. And that’s exactly what US Cellular is going to offer you between December 17 and December 24.

So, starting this Friday, and all the way up until Christmas Eve, you can get any phone or smartphone in US Cellular’s lineup for free. But that’s not all.

If you choose a smartphone, not only will you get the device for free, but US Cellular will also give you $100 free credit for your new bill. This applies to new customers as well as existing customers adding a smartphone line.

Smartphones that are in US Cellular’s lineup, and are therefore in the promo, include the Android-powered HTC Desire, Samsung Mesmerize (their version of the Galaxy S), and LG Optimus U (their version of the Optimus One). Also available are the BlackBerry Bold and Curve, along with featurephones such as the Motorola Grasp and LG Mistique.

You’ll need to sign a 2-year contract, but US Cellular’s “no contract after the first” policy is a lot more humane than those of other carriers. And let’s not forget that a Consumer Reports survey has recently shown that US Cellular is the best US carrier for contract service, so there’s that too.

Via US Cellular

Update: US Cellular customers who have signed up for a Belief Plan and are already eligible to get a phone upgrade will be able to get free phones without signing a new contract, as part of US Cellular’s “no contract after the first” policy.

Thanks to US Cellular’s Steve Carlson for getting in touch and making the clarification.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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