Verizon, Sprint launching Windows Phone 7 handsets (HTC 7 Pro and Trophy) next month?

It’s no secret that both Verizon and Sprint will start selling Windows Phone 7 devices early next year. But if you want to know exactly how early, it looks the carriers will launch their first WP7 handsets in January 2011 (yes, that’s next month).

Neowin has somehow managed to “confirm” that Windows Phone 7 would come to Verizon and Sprint this January.

Sprint’s first Windows Phone 7 handset will almost certainly be the HTC 7 Pro – when Microsoft announced the 7 Pro, it specifically said it would be available at Sprint.

As for Verizon, its first WP7 smartphone could be the HTC Trophy.

Both devices will likely cost $199.99 on contract – like all the other Windows Phone 7 devices available now in the US.

Author: Florin

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