Motorola Android tablet definitely coming at CES 2011 to take on iPad, Galaxy Tab

Motorola has just confirmed that its first Android tablet would be officially unveiled at CES 2011.

The company has posted a teaser video called “Tabled Evolution presented by Motorola” on one of its official YouTube channels.

Surprisingly (or not?), Moto bashes Apple’s iPad by saying it’s “like a giant iPhone” (and, well, it is), and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab by saying it runs “Android OS… for a phone.”

This, of course, means Motorola’s tablet will run Android for… tablets. And that bee appearing at the end of the video is clearly suggesting it will be Android Honeycomb.

We can’t know for sure if the device hidden in the video is the same with the Verizon-branded Motorola tablet leaked not long ago, but it certainly can be. CES 2011 is only a few weeks away (January 6-9), so let’s wait and see what Motorola and Google have prepared for us.

Author: Florin

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