Samsung Bada 2.0 details unveiled; 10 million Wave phones to be sold in H1 2011

More than a year ago, when Samsung announced Bada – its own mobile OS – some thought it would be a flop. But it turns out that it’s not. The OS has reached version 1.2 and there are six smartphones based on it on the market.

As we reported earlier this month, Samsung will sell more than 5 million Bada handsets this year, and it has way bigger plans for 2011 – it hopes to ship 10 million units only in the first half of the year.

For this to happen, the South Korean giant first has to improve Bada with new features. And it will do it. According to this official presentation (PDF file), Bada OS 2.0 will come next year with:

  • NFC support (like Android 2.3 Gingerbread)
  • an “all new” SDK (which will work on Mac and Linux)
  • multitasking
  • better UX and UI framework
  • third-party social networking services integration
  • security enhancements
  • revenue model support (operator billing, ad gateway)

Samsung didn’t say when exactly next year Bada 2.0 would be launched, and neither if current smartphones are upgradeable to it (at least the Wave II should be).

Via Samsung Hub

Author: Florin

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