Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone to launch at MWC, ship in April

Since it obviously hasn’t launched on December 9, like some rumors said it would, people have started wondering when the mythical Sony Ericsson PlayStation/PSP Phone will actually hit the streets. Could it be in March of 2011, like another rumor predicted?

Well, today’s news comes from Pocket-lint as sources have told them that the PlayStation phone will be unveiled in February during Sony Ericsson’s traditional pre-MWC press conference, but it will only ship (in the UK, at least) in April.

Does this make the PlayStation phone less appealing to potential buyers? We’ll have to see, but I don’t think it will have any competitors even in April, so it may be safe. In a niche of its own, but safe there. Of course, its success will depend more on whether Sony Ericsson actually deliver a game experience to go with it, and not just throw some outdated version of Android on it and hope it sticks.

But perhaps they have learned from past mistakes. Anyway, for those eagerly awaiting the PSP phone, it will reach you in about four months. So patience is still very much necessary.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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