Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.2 Froyo update starts on December 26

While the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S, the i9000, has already received an official update to Android 2.2 Froyo, the many US-specific versions of the phone that Samsung has tailored for each carrier are still sadly left on 2.1. All of them.

But, inevitably, Samsung has to update them too at some point. And it looks like Sprint’s Epic 4G will get to be the first of the US Galaxy S devices to get a taste of Froyo.

A leaked Sprint internal memo shows just that – the DL11 build (which is Android 2.2.1, so the very latest Froyo version) will begin slowly rolling out over-the-air on December 26 (that’s this Sunday). Apparently, it should hit all devices within 4 days – so by this time next week, most if not all owners of Epic 4Gs could be running Froyo on their handsets.

Alongside all the additions that Froyo generally brings, there will be other improvements in this update, such as better Bluetooth device support, Bluetooth Voice Dialing, and GPS enhancements.

It’s interesting that this update will occur OTA. All the international versions’ updates have been carried out via Samsung’s desktop software, Kies, as apparently updating OTA wasn’t possible. Perhaps the US carriers (or at least Sprint) have baked that capability right into their Galaxy S smartphones before they launched them.

Via PhoneArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • rkraig


  • Epicfailure

    Sadly, this is not true and we’ll STILL be on 2.1:


    If nothing comes by Jan1, going to root and upgrade myself

  • Really,No 4g?

    still waiting samsung! Gingerbread will be old news by the time I get froyo!

  • Keng

    Still waiting…

  • Keng

    Still waiting…

  • Guest

    What a farse…. i do not beleive anything will be rolled out until at least the third week in January if we are lucky. I can not use Skype (which is one of th reasons I purchased the phone) so I using Fringe for video phone. It works as well if not better then Skype!

  • nancy

    mannnn….delayed once again, what is going on might as well just upgrade to gingerbread instead.