Samsung 4G LTE Android smartphone for Verizon leaks

It looks like the HTC Incredible HD (or whatever HTC will decide to call its imminent 4G LTE Android smartphone for Verizon that it will unveil during CES) will not be the only LTE device to be announced for Verizon in the near future.

Gizmodo managed to get a snap of an unknown, yet-unnamed Samsung smartphone that runs Android 2.2.1, has Verizon branding, and is LTE-capable. It also appears to have the TouchWiz UI overlay, judging from the color of the battery icon. According to Gizmodo’s tipster, it will, however, not come with the in-depth Bing integration that some of Verizon’s Android devices have seen in the past.

So CES is shaping up to be quite big for mobile announcements. And we’ll naturally be here to cover every single one of them.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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