Sony Ericsson will launch new Xperia phones right before Mobile World Congress 2011

The Mobile World Congress is the industry’s biggest annual event, and this year (as usual) it will take place in Barcelona at the middle of February. Traditionally, Sony Ericsson have always had a press conference on the Sunday before the start of MWC, and they have confirmed that nothing will change in 2011. The press event will happen on Sunday, February 13, at 6 PM CET, and, judging from the invitations that Sony Ericsson is sending, it will involve new Xperia-branded phones. Plural.

There’s no mention of the oft-rumored and much-leaked PlayStation/PSP Phone anywhere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the latest rumor about it isn’t true. It very well may get announced then too, as a surprise, Sony Ericsson’s “one more thing” moment.

Or it may turn out that the PlayStation/PSP Phone will actually not be branded PlayStation or PSP, which would be just silly, but this is Sony Ericsson we’re talking about, and they have been known to launch Android smartphones with version 1.6 on board after version 2.2 was already available, so who knows.

Via Eurodroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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