Verizon’s upcoming 4G HTC device to be named Thunderbolt?

HTC will unveil Verizon’s first 4G smartphone running on the brand-new LTE network that Big Red has launched not long ago. The device that HTC will announce will probably be that previously known by either its codename of Mecha, or what was thought to be its launch name – Incredible HD.

However, new evidence has surfaced that indicates that perhaps HTC’s first 4G phone for Verizon will be named Thunderbolt.

Clicking an ad that clearly has the styling of the ‘First to 4G, again‘ teaser from a few days ago will result in you arriving to this website: It’s just a 404 error at the moment, but the address itself is said to contain the all-important clue as to the device’s name.

Of course, it can’t be ruled out that the address could contain the codename for the device, or not a final, release name. It is pretty clear though that this device has been called Thuderbolt at some point.

CES isn’t that far away, and during said trade show we will know for sure. But it does seem more likely than not that Verizon’s first LTE-capable handset will be the HTC Thunderbolt.

Via Android Central

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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