New Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept – would you buy this?

Not long ago, the idea of a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device was downright ridiculous.

However, after last week’s rumor that came from Eldar Murtazin (known for uncovering lots of secrets – although he had some inaccurate stories, too), it looks like Nokia and Microsoft are, in fact, planning to make and launch WP7 handsets together.

Of course, this may not happen too soon. But when it will, what do you think the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device would look like? Nothing special, I’d say. And it will probably not be too far from the concept seen below (apparently made by Mindsailors Design Studio):

Would you buy such a Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset? Do you even like the idea of a Nokia smartphone that runs software not made by Nokia?

At the moment, there are more than 1.5 million WP7 handsets shipped around the world (by manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and LG). If Nokia’s joining the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon, we’ll probably see an impressive growth when it comes to sales. But let’s not anticipate.


Author: Florin

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  • Robinwmorandis30v

    Nokia running win 7?? YES,, I would like that very much.!.!.!

  • Robinwmorandis30v

    Nokia running win 7?? YES,, I would like that very much.!.!.!

  • Billy Johnson

    It’s missing the camera button that all WP7 phones should have..

    and the back is ugly, I wouldn’t want a phone that just looked like a stretched 6300..

    but, yes. Nokia and WP7 <3

  • Raj

    Sure, I will buy

  • Onupamit

    If I like to buy junk yard then I will buy it, otherwise I will stay with iPhone or android .

  • sandre

    I was an iPhone 3GS user until this last Christmas, when I switched to Samsung Focus running WP7. I must say WP7 on samsung gives a much better user experience. More over Zune S/W experience will beat iTunes on any day. Phone syncs wirelessly. I take a picture and go to my laptop, I often find the picture already in my laptop. The live tiles are definitely much better than clutter of apps. Sure there are a few missing features, but MS has got the basics much better than Apple & Google. Feature can be built on top of that great foundation. I couldn’t say much about Android because I have never used one.

  • Thesaint

    When can I buy one…hope Verizon gets some…I am there in a heart beat.

  • TB

    i will

  • TB

    i will

  • TB

    yep i will

  • TB

    yep i will

  • Black Zebra

    Nokia + WP7 = Bullshit!

    If it would be MeeGo or Android, I would really seriously consider to buy one. But with WP7, no thanks really!!! 🙂

  • Aikon

    This would be the smartest thing for Nokia to do is to develop their phones not only to run Symbian & MeeGo, but WP7.

    Let the users have a choice like they do for the PC world

  • Hehe

    I would.

  • Sébastien Jauquet

    yesssss, Hope it will become true, I’ll buy one immediately !!!

  • hengels

    The Nokia N8 smartphone is widely considered being a flop. It was sold during the last months 4 million times. All WP7 phones together even did not reach the sales figures of this Nokia flop by 50%. So why Nokia should seriously consider to step into such a loser game like WP7?

  • N0kia FAN

    Love the design. Nokia should hire those guys definately – if they havn’t already